This online group is for MenSing, Wren Music's monthly singing group for men. This group is for the Spring Term 2021 - from January until Easter.

We usually meet on the fourth Saturday of the month. We will set the dates for our monthly live sessions and will decide each month whether the session will be online or in person. We will be flexible and ready to respond to local restrictions through the term.

  • Saturday 23 January
  • Saturday 27 February
  • Saturday 27 March

MenSing is open to new members, so if you identify as a man and want to join then scroll down to choose your price and follow the instructions, or feel free to contact the leader Paul on [email protected]

If you wish to make an optional charitable donation to Wren, in addition to your payment for the half term, there will be an option to do this after 'checkout'. If for example, you want to pay £45, you would pay £40 here and make a separate donation of £5 after you have paid to join the group.

Choose your payment amount and join the group


MenSing Standard Price

One off payment for a three month term


MenSing Supporter Price

One off payment for a three month term for people who can afford a little more


MenSing Subsidised Price

One off payment for a three month term

If £20 feels too much at this time please contact Paul for a discount code.