Landkey Carols 2021

Thank you for your interest in this special project, brought to you by Wren Music in partnership with Landkey Sings, funded by Arts Council England.

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Over the next few weeks we'll explore the history of Landkey's carol tradition and we'll get singing some of these wonderful local carols.

The carols will be taught with learning videos from our team including Rebecka Lyons, Sarah Owen, Paul Wilson and Jon Dyer. You'll also be able to download lyrics, musical scores and sound files to support your learning.

At 7pm on Tuesday 9 and Tuesday 16 November we will have a one-hour online rehearsal via Zoom (or you can join by telephone) to sing through the carols we've shared that week.

Then for three weeks from Tuesday 23 November (until 7 December) we will have a two-hour in-person rehearsals in Landkey Village Hall.

This leads to a carol singing outdoor finale in Landkey in the evening on Saturday 11 December.

If you're not local to Landkey then it's likely that the weekly rehearsals won't be convenient. But you can join us for a special rehearsal in the afternoon of Saturday 11 December to get ready to join in the evening.

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