Fiddle Orchestra of Devon (FOOD)

This group is for the Fiddle Orchestra for the Spring Term. Scroll down to join the group.

It is open to existing members and new members, from anywhere in the country (or around the world!).

Each month you will have access to a brand new arrangement of a tune. This will be taught via learning videos that you can return to at any time. You can also download scores and sound files to support your learning.

In addition, each month our fabulous fiddler Hannah Cumming focuses on a fiddle technique that will help you to enjoy playing that month's tune even more.

At monthly live sessions we get to know each other, ask questions and share ideas about the arrangements, and we have the opportunity to play together as well.We will decide each month whether the session will be online or in person. We will be flexible and ready to respond to local restrictions through the term.

This term the live sessions will be:

  • Saturday 16 January, 10.30am
  • Saturday 20 February, 10.30am
  • Saturday 20 March, 10.30am

If you have any questions you can contact

Paul Wilson on [email protected]

If you're ready to get playing, scroll down to choose your price (one-off payment for four months) and join the group.

If you wish to make an optional charitable donation to Wren, in addition to your payment for the group, there will be an option to do this after 'checkout'. If for example, you want to pay £45, you could pay £40 here and make a separate donation of £5 after you have paid to join the group.

Choose your payment amount and join the group


FOOD Standard Price

One off payment for a three month term


FOOD Supporter Price

One off payment for a three month term for people who can afford a little more


FOOD Subsidised Price

One off payment for a three month term

If £20 feels too much for you at this time please contact [email protected] for a discount code.